Our Leaders

Chris Gilbert

Specality Insurance Expert


Chris Gilbert is CEO of Green Rock an innovative insurance programs and risk managed brokerage solutions company that Reshape is partnered with under specific risk management products to create strategic insurance market opportunities for Reshape clients.


Chris and his team have extensive experience handling insurance transaction and risk portfolios in excess of $1bn. Since 2002 Chris has handled placing transactions averaging $10m to $20m per year in premiums with complex portfolios of risk exposures averaging $7bn to $15bn annually. He worked on the Large Risk Brokerage & Financial Institutions desk at R.K. Harrison Lloyds of London on accounts such as Acelor Mittal and Bank of America. He then worked as a large risk insurance consultant with Albis Associates which was acquired by global insurance management solutions firm X-Changing. Chris was appointed as an Executive Underwriter with the ability to flex his pen under Lloyds of London’s world renowned capacity to innovate insurance client solutions. He worked on the MGA Lloyds & Company Markets delegated underwriting desk with a line size up to $50m. In 2013 Chris moved to the United States where he has Chaired a Family Office Insurance Investment developing Belpointe Specialty Insurance, LLC into a Delegated Underwriting company on behalf of Lloyds of London and Specialist Commercial Risk Brokerage. Green Rock Insurance, LLC is a specialist placing division of the Belpointe Specialty Insurance Partners Group.