Our Leaders

Gers Abdyli

Director of Operations


Gers Abdyli serves as the Director of Operations at Reshape Wealth, where he orchestrates a broad range of responsibilities spanning from customer support and integration to office administration, management, and business development. Gers’ dynamic role, underscored by his exceptional organizational and strategic skills, makes him an integral part of the company’s operations.


Before stepping into his current role, Gers sharpened his expertise over a rewarding five-year tenure with a major CPA firm. There, he played a key role in data management, client due diligence, tax filing, computer and network maintenance, and web development. His diverse skill set and experience in these areas later proved invaluable when he helped seamlessly integrate administrative systems and processes at Reshape Wealth.


Gers’ academic journey has shaped his professional career significantly. Armed with an Associate Degree in Computer Science and a major in Finance, he has acquired profound knowledge of enterprise networks, technology, big data, finance, and accounting. His unique blend of tech-savviness and financial expertise gives him the ability to bring innovative solutions to traditional operational challenges.


Gers Abdyli is a beacon of operational efficiency, consistently striving for excellence and fostering growth at Reshape Wealth with his adept leadership and technical prowess.