Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families should have a customized financial plan that focuses on the unique needs of their lives, their families, and their goals. Reshape strives to help individuals and families refine a vision for the future and create a financial plan and investment strategy that gets them there.


We believe that individuals and families have the right to be wealthy and create wealth from their investments. We work to understand today’s cash flow and help our clients prepare for both their current and future needs. We help construct a portfolio of assets and investments to provide wealth throughout retirement, ensure the best education and opportunities for our children and pave the way for a long road of enjoying life.



Reshape also works with our clients’ legal teams on trusts, estates and charitable strategies to create tax efficient legacies that can be passed onto future generations as efficiently as possible.


Beyond financial planning and wealth management, Reshape’s years of experience working with wealthy individuals and families provide insight for our clients to navigate life’s challenges with the best interests of their families at heart.


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