Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies are the core of what sets Reshape apart, and what delivers the performance to fulfill or exceed the goals set in each client’s Financial Plan. We introduce cost efficiencies and rigorously researched investment solutions out of reach for most financial advisors. As an independent company, Reshape’s open architecture model provides clients access to the universe of investment strategies without bias.


Reshape advises clients how to invest wisely to protect their assets and grow wealth. We compliment our core portfolios consisting of equities, bonds, currency, indices and ETF allocations, with investment opportunities in real estate, royalty products and private companies.


Reshape seeks to uncover investments and asset classes that can add value, diversification, and play an important role in a client’s portfolio. Through our network of relationships we provide our accredited clients access to highly researched investment products that have typically only been available to large institutions and the extremely wealthy.


Having advised many types of business owners and executives, we also recommend ways to incorporate investment solutions related to concentrated tax strategies and exit planning.


Reshape is a fee-based advisor, meaning our goals are aligned with those of our clients: to safely manage portfolios and increase the value of their assets for long-term wealth creation.