Outside Partnership Approval Policy

Reshape Wealth aims to surround each client with a team of financial experts, specialists and other top professionals from every pertinent field. The goal of bringing our wider network together is to provide our clients with more background for greater value when building financial plans, reducing risk profiles, and accessing more opportunities to create real wealth.


To develop this expert network, our management establishes tight relationships with industry leaders from around the world. Strategic partnerships and referral relationships all must pass an extensive due diligence process before working with our clients. An even more stringent process is completed for each outside professional added to the Reshape Wealth outside team, as published on the website.


Reshape Partnership Approval Policy:


Outside Professionals and Strategic Partners


  • Must be made via personal referral to be considered.

  • Must posses deep industry knowledge, far beyond typical professionals in their space.

  • Must hold the highest education, training, and professional certifications.

  • Must have at least 7 years industry experience.

  • After each new client engagement, feedback is considered as part of a continual process.

  • Website featured professions must have worked with 3 of our clients or direct contacts and receive excellent feedback from all.


The Reshape Wealth team enjoys working with great people who give back and have done remarkable things both in their industry and their community. Beyond everything else, identifying individuals who truly care about their work is of the utmost importance.


Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find professionals who look out for others best interests over their own, making it essential that any outside professionals we work with are the type of individuals who we are comfortable turning to for our own personal needs. Our clients come first for us and for all those we work with at Reshape Wealth.


Outside Strategic Partners are not employees of Reshape Wealth. We make every effort to broaden our network with the goal of finding industry experts who fit with each client’s personality and needs, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each client to perform their own due diligence to determine if any Outside Professional Referral is one they are comfortable with and is suitable for them.