Who we are

Reshape delivers comprehensive fee-based and fully transparent financial planning, hands-on portfolio analysis, and expertise across the full life-cycle for successful investing, cash-flow management, and wealth creation.


Reshape balances our core portfolios with the access to highly researched institutional quality investments, income producing real estate, and private companies raising capital. These strategies have the potential to create tremendous additional wealth, far beyond the capabilities of the standard models used by most advisors.  We seek out the smartest individuals and the “best of the best” investment opportunities around the world outside the realm of typical advisors.


Reshape was founded by a financial entrepreneur and technologist. Our portfolio management system is built on cutting-edge technologies for automating tax-harvesting to generate cost efficiencies and identify leading investment strategies throughout the world to increase the potential for higher returns for our clients. Reshape’s client desktop interface and mobile platform were designed to be easy to use and understand.


Reshape is a fee-based advisor, meaning our goals are aligned with those of our clients: to safely manage portfolios and increase the value of their assets for long-term wealth creation.


Successful Investors Think Differently