Real Estate

Real Estate often plays an important role in wealth generation for successful investors.


Direct investment in real estate can offer the potential for both income and capital gains, along with the possibility for tax benefits, providing a valuable compliment to an overall investment strategy. Access to these opportunities and the ability to integrate income-producing real estate, as an asset class, is one of the major benefits of Reshape’s independence, as property often falls outside the purview of typical wealth managers. As a fee-based advisor, we try to provide opportunities where the typical broker fee can be added to our client’s initial investment.


Reshape is continuously researching these investment opportunities, meeting with management teams, and performing rigorous due diligence. Our goal is to identify investments that balance risk and reward with companies and Real Estate Funds that we feel comfortable recommending to our clients.


1031 Exchange– Within individual portfolios, Reshape also helps structure transactions to be as tax efficient as possible providing eligible 1031 Exchange options, where capital gains tax on a sold property can be deffered if properly reinvested into a new property within a short time frame.


Real estate can be a significant financial commitment that must be evaluated independently by each client to determine if it’s appropriate and in line with their financial plan, risk profile, and liquidity needs. Many of these opportunities are only available to accredited investors.