Financial Planning

Financial Planning is at the core of how Reshape helps clients prepare for sound financial futures.


Our expertise is providing context for financial decision making specific to each client. The basic questions we help people answer are how do they envision their financial future; what does that destination look like and what resources will they need down the line?


We work backwards from that goal to answer the question of what we need to do today to get there, considering each client’s specific needs, risk profile, age, earning potential and the scope of their lifetime goals.


The Financial Plan serves as the framework for which to identify the most appropriate Investment Strategies for each client.


Reshape follows the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards methodology to create a financial plan that integrates all aspects of our client’s lives to drive deep insights and set the stage for financial decisions throughout a lifetime.



Establish relationships based on understanding each client’s unique needs, concerns, and  lifetime financial goals. We spend as much time as necessary getting to know and understand how our clients think which allows us to create a financial strategy that is truly personalized.


Gather all the information that defines each client’s financial situation today. We seek to understand both sides of their balance sheet, how that fits into a personal cash flow model and aligns with their short and long term goals.


We incorporate all the income streams, current investments, retirement plans, insurance and other accumulated wealth as well as gather information on personal expenses, homes, and debts to paint a complete financial picture.

Analyze the collected data to create financial planning and investment strategies that can be implemented to help our clients save money and generate substantial wealth over their lifetime.


We identify tax efficient strategies and credits that aren’t being maximized, we look for costs that can be lowered and find ways to lock in lower rates and fees.


We review statements, insurance products, and current cash flow models to identify scopes of improvement. We break-down costs and performance to determine other income-producing assets, including property, dividend streams or royalty payments, which could be integrated into an overall portfolio.

Develop a detailed financial plan that enable clients to clearly envision and understand how to reach their financial goals.


This financial plan incorporates cash flow strategies, investment portfolio recommendations, and a structured blue-print to enable clients to reach their goals and create wealth.


As an independent company, we can assemble a financial plan by choosing from the “best of the best” investment products offered by institutions around the world, as well as alternative investment opportunities provided to us from our deep network


We round out our own expertise by leveraging our network of top business and investment minds throughout the country to provide additional insights and investment access. Our goal is to provide clarity in helping our clients understand how much they can spend today and what investments are most suitable so they can live the lives they desire.

Implement a tax efficient financial plan that is easy to understand and execute.


A financial plan only works when it can be followed, and we make sure to set our clients up for success by helping to make the complicated simple.


Review the financial plan frequently to adjust for changing life circumstances, goals, and the environment.


While creating the financial plan happens at the outset of our relationship, monitoring, refining and adjusting happens often as lives change, families and wealth grow, businesses are sold, and the economy moves through cycles.


Some clients only want an annual review, while others prefer to keep in touch daily. Either way, we are committed to helping them make their financial plans became financial realities.