Wealth Management

Reshape’s Wealth Management Philosophy is designed around the three investing principles and strategies used by some of the most successful investors in the world. Reshaping the thought process behind the principles of Investing, Expertise, and Risk are fundamental components to growing wealth.


Where the Financial Planning creates the blueprint for life goals and the Investment Strategies are the tools set to achieve it and create wealth, the Wealth Management Philosophy sets the foundation of how a portfolio achieves long-term success.



Reshape Investing

The average investor can create a balanced equity and bond portfolio that is capable of delivering historical and average returns.


Wealthy investors also start with a balanced core portfolio, but have access to institutional quality investments, income producing real estate, and private companies raising capital, all of which can create tremendous additional wealth, far beyond the capabilities of the standard model.


Reshape Expertise

Many investors choose a financial advisor who they were friends with or met by circumstance.


Wealthy investors surround themselves with expertise in the form of a whole team of financial experts, only work with the top professionals in each field, and seek further insight from the actual corporate leaders in every industry where they invest.


The sum of this expertise informs how their financial plans are designed, generates more information to make better decisions, and provides access to investments that would be impossible to discover alone.


Reshape Risk

The average investor understands the word “risk” as it refers to the likelihood of losing money in an investment and the implication is fear.


Wealthy investors build their portfolios for the long term after being educated on how investments perform over a lifetime. “Risk” implies “opportunity” for wealthy investors who actually make the most money when the average investor is reacting poorly based on fear.