Start-Up Founders need an unwavering focus to launch, raise capital, scale, thrive and potentially have a successful exit that few wealth managers can even begin to understand.


Reshape appreciates the personal struggle, sacrifice and wealth management challenges that come with building a new company from the ground up: whether boot-strapped or with outside investors. Having been there (three times), our founder David Kranz CFP® provides advice with the depth and understanding that only comes from being a start-up entrepreneur himself.


Every start-up must overcome many hurdles. From the beginning of the idea that starts the founder’s journey, to meeting the human resources challenges of building and incentivizing the right team, to scaling the first sales into a sustainable business model and, to ultimately have the opportunity of securing an exit strategy, Reshape’s network can add value.


Our approach is to understand our client’s business, needs, and goals in life to create a financial strategy that provides founders with the transparency and peace of mind to focus their energies on creating an amazing business.


As start-ups grow, Reshape provides advice for the best retirement planning and retention strategies to offer employees, business insurance solutions and other needs that come with growth.


Having grown with many successful business owners, Reshape is an excellent resource helping families through a company sale and evaluating the financial impact of each opportunity.


Exploring options early allows business owners to structure their entity properly and integrate tax advantaged financial solutions in advance.